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   Those of us who served in Zweibrucken

  no matter how we loved it or not, this city
  will always be part of our lives.
   Some of us spent close to 2 to 3 years of     our lives,  worked and played there.  

  Zweibrucken like us has changed over the years, and this page is dedicated to this city who hosted and played a great part of our lives so long ago.












6901st Special Communications Group

United States Air Force

Zweibrucken, Germany

Alumni Website

Welcome. The website provides a reference source for United States Air Force Security Service alumni, family and friends to access details about the 6901st Special Communications Group as it existed in Zweibrucken, Germany from 1955 until 1968. The website is intended to serve as a contact point for the alumni. Detailed information is provided to allow alumni to reminisce about their time living in Germany. Alumni are encouraged, and expected, to support the website through submission of content to include text, images and related hyperlinks. Suggestions for improvement are encouraged. Send to webmaster Many hyperlinks to related websites are also provided.

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