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My family was in Zweibrucken  from 1970-1972 and we lived in Altornback  and Rimsweiller , I had many wonderful times there, I had a few friends  whom I lost contact with over the years.  Sgt.James Charles, Sgt Maurice & Denise Warren, Sgt. John Banks & Family, to name a few.  My former husband Sgt. Tony Jordan was in Security Police and it was an enjoyable time for the most part. Germany I thought was a lovely country and coming from Bermuda it was so very different. I made friends on the economy in the villages of Altornback & Rimsweiller where we lived, Gary & Carole Waldron, The reds, The Jones, cant recall the rest but all in all it was most interesting, If any one reading this was there during that time please contact me. Id really love to hear from you. Id like to revisit Zweibrucken again and to see all the changes that have occurred in 36 years. I know I have aged gracefully and I know Zweibrucken has as well. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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