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My name is Jim Kustelski, I am the son of (then) Capt. Thomas
Kustelski (now) Lt. Col. Thomas Kustelski (ret.)

I was really excited to find this website as it brought back so
many fond memories of my life in Germany from the ages of 6-9.

We were stationed there from 6-63 to 6-66.

When we arrived in Germany we stayed in a hotel downtown for
about a month, (I remember railroad tracks running next to it)lived on
the economy for about 3 months right outside the Base, before we moved
on Base. We lived in the inner circle of what then I suppose were pretty
new 3 story apartments. We had a 5 room one. We also stayed at the same
hotel for the last month we were there before coming back to San

It was a real joy living in Germany as Dad was really big on
camping, travelling and overall seeing the sites. Of course we went all
over and most of the time it was myself and two older brothers who went.

Loved the sledding down the hill behind the base down to the
Saar river as well as the excellent facilities provided for us
dependants. There were sandboxes all over the place, a nice movie
theatre and probably one of the finest schools in the world with first
rate teachers...I also remember the rivalry between the Air Force kids
and the Army kids! Really great times.

A few names I remember still are: Father McConnel, Byron
Knowlton, the Cockman's, the Holmes', the Raszewski's (sp.), the
Goldfarbs', I also vaguely remember a friend of Dad's we called Tweetie
or Birdie (something like that) he was a great guy! I also remember Dad
playing hockey with the Canadians as well as softball tournaments
between Air Force members. I also remember seeing everyone marching
around in formation (don't see much of that anymore). I was also an
altar boy in the church, received my first communion and confirmation
there from Father McConnell.

Dad does have a few pics I should send you guys as I'm sure it
would bring back some fond memories to those of you who served with him.

I'm sure he would love to hear from some of you, I'll have to
send him this link.

Best wishes,

Actually, you might want to put my pvt. Email
address: jkustelski@satx.rr.com
I'll have to go see Dad and look through the pics from that time. I
think we might be able to find a few!
Nice hearing back from you so quick...

James Kustelski, Contractor


I was a 202 in 'Sheens' from 1964-1967, plus a number of other duties. 

I'm writing a short story about the experience. 

Do you know the history of the Ops Buildings? What were they originally built for? Did the Nazis use them during the war? When was the connecting walkway built? Working mids, I used to jump on the burnbag cart and 'surf' the walkway! 

Any info would help.

Also called 'Machines' or EDP then ADP (Data processing). 

Major Brumfield ran it. 

Please post and I'll let you know if I get any answers. 

I'm hoping for a cool, funny story that'll capture the zaniness at the dawn of the computer age so few know about.

Thanks.Kevin Ahearn Dorothydspr@aol.com


Here with images of orders as provided by Bill Tarin 1962-1964

Click on hyperlink to access image:

1    3   4  5  6  7  9  10  11  12  13 14 15  16  17

Here is a notice I would like added to the website, if you please.
My brother, SSGT Phillip C. Noland - holding a temporary T/SGT, and a 20270, was at the 6901st SCG from July 1962 through January 09, 1964. If any of you knew him, or knew of him, please send your information to me, Trish Schiesser: My e-mail address is: Clara19126@msn.com. Thank you for any information you might remember.


Please send material to dularson@bellsouth.net

This is Kuy Kuykendall and I was assigned to 6901st from 1963 to 1966.  I worked in the Computer Room with Phil Conrad and Don Heath and Mel Bird.  I have attached a picture that I recently came across of myself and Don Heath dated June 5th 1966.  kuy kuykendall

I just retired and have plenty of time on my hands these days.  I'll scan it again and try to make it smaller before I save it.  Just briefly before I close,  I tried to open the guest book and several other links but they did not work???  I am planning on a sort of reunion in late September or early October with Mel Bird and Don Heath and Phil Conrad and I think they may have more pictures than I do.  I just stumbled on that picture of Don Heath and myself which luckily I had dated and the date was June 5th, 1966 which was about one month before I rotated out to get separated from the Air Force.  Remember Burn Detail or nickel night at the R&G or trips to the Canadian AF Base?  I remember plenty of trips up and down the hill to town.  I also remember taking trips to Ramstein AF Base for R&R.  I'll get those memories written down before I forget them.  I am beginning to get Can't remember squat syndrome which I attribute to my being older than dirt.

Thanks  kuy kuykendall


Rodney Dollar here. I was in Swei 1964 to 1966 then returned to Good Fellow.
I wanted to change my email address to rdollar@comcast.net