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Ron Spike Fuller

I was stationed at Zwei from December 8, 1959 to sometime in July 1962, when I
changed PCS to the 6987th (Taiwan) and 6988th (Yokota AB, Japan).
I was an A1C AFSC 20250, working in Supp-13 and JDA/E with Army and Navy
My name is Ron Fuller and most people knew me as "Spike" and off base we
hung out at a bar called the Montreal Club. 
I was in the honor guard for General Lewis from Kelly when he visited in 1961.
We had some great times during my 32 months there.  I would like my name added
to your personnel list, and would like to hear from anyone who knew me while there.
Thanks for doing a wonderful service to the vets who served the SS all over the world but especially at the 6901st.
Ron "Spike" Fuller




My name is Phillip R. Carraway.  I arrived at Zweibrucken in late January 1957, along with Stewart L. Greiling and Bartholmew J. Kelly III.  We graduated from 202 school at Kelly in September  and another school at NSA in late December 1957.  We stayed at Zweibrucken until May 1958 at which time we were transferred to the 6930 RGM on Crete.  I'm attaching some pictures and personnel rosters from 57 and 58.  Here are a few other names that I remember from my time  there.  Ralph Broadston, Gerald Driggers, Yates White, Willis Hanna, Robert Ross, Auther Heim, Carol Pedigo.  I know there are a lot more that I can remember faces of but names slip my mind.


Phillip R. Carraway

4246 Springview

San Antonio, Texas 78222

(210) 333-8682







My name is Kenneth E. Riffey.  I am retired from the USAF.  I was in the AF

just a few days shy of 27 years.  I retired as E-8.  My entire career was in

the USAFSS and the ESC.  I began my career as an 292X1, cross-trained

to 292X2 and ended my career on August 1, 1980, as an 20999.   

I arrived at the 6901st Special Communications Group, Taurene Kaserne,

Zweibrucken, Germany, in December 1956 and departed Zweibrucken in

December 1959.  Some of the people I worked with were MSgt William L. Reid (NCOIC,

Operations) within SIGINT.  His wife's name was Thelma; SSgt Charles

O'Neil (Comm Center).  His wife's name was Shirley;  SSgt Tommy

Haverfield (Comm Center).  His wife's name was Edie; SSgt Anthony

Rezendez (single); AlC Donald Verdonik; A2C Robert Schiavo; SSgt

Renaldo Rezendez. His wife's name was Mary; my wife's name is

Jo Ann;  A2C Charles L. Wilkerson ((20331-1 Russian linguist).

His wife's name was Dottie. 

Our first two children (Tammy and Cheryl) were born at the Army

Hospital, Pirmasens, Germany. 

Out first address in Zweibrucken was at #56 Hochstrasse.  Our

landlord and landladys names were Georgi and Guerti Lauer. 

When we rotated to CONUS in December 1959, we took with us

two beautiful baby girls and a brand new 1960 (black, white, yellow)

Ford Taunus station wagon. It has been very nice coming across your site.  Sure did bring back

a lot of good memories.

Ken Riffey



rerun left to right Willie, Hillary, Cochran, Don

Larry Hyatt on the left, white shirt,   sometime around 1957 or 1958

Just happened across the site and find it fascinating. Love the pics, Mrs. Ubans was one of my favorite teachers. The lady in #8 was also one of my teachers>i do not recall her name at this moment but I am sure I will come up with it. I can tell you she had a son who was a U. S. Marine and at the time we had a problem in Lebanon and had sent the marines there to try to keep the peace, her son was stationed there and she was very concerned about his wellbeing. Also I don't know if you were aware but Mrs. Ubans was a well known opera (soprano) singer in her earlier life in Russia and Europe. We got her to sing for us once just before graduation in class a memorable event. I graduated in January 1959 after a 41 week class. We were in the barracks next to the burned Quonset and it kind of ruined the whole Skytop experience.


Charles Thibodaux 


Peyton "Tex" Conway wishing all a great New Year!  I have been looking over our "new web-site" and I have covered every inch, and I really appreciated the new photos of our "used to be" base.  Its good to see the old communications building still standing.  The clarity of the new pictures gives me the impression that the old comm building needs a new roof.  Did I see curtains fluttering out of one of the upstairs windows?

A new year is here (2009), and time is fastly passing by.  My memories of Sunny Zwei are still vivid in my mind, and it hurts me that they (the Germans) couldn't wait to tear our structures down.  The best memory, or one of them, was walking down hill to the Jeagerhof and getting one of the best pizzas in the world.  I just wonder how much money they made off of us over the years.  I was a Crypto Operator from 1959 to 1961.I am now 73 or is it 72?  Hell, I don't remember nor do I want to.  I have been a Prison Correctional Officer, in a small Louisiana town, and I resigned 3 months ago, but, I am not through yet.  I have been offered a place with the "Con-Air" people, flying inmates and illegal's all over the world taking them back from whence they came. I don't think it will be anything like the movie, starring Nicolas Cage.  Its a Fed job, as I was working for the state of Louisiana.  My wife gave me baby for Christmas.....

no...not a real baby, but a beautiful Labrador Retriever pup. I am enjoying that dog. Back to Zweibrucken....sorry but I just had to tell you guys about my dog.  What I would give to get back to Zweibrucken just one more time.  The girl in the picture at the Cafe Espresso's, well, her name was Ingrid, as I visited that place many times, just to watch her make an espresso cup of strong coffee.  The only way to tone the coffee down was to add a lot of cream.  Then there was the Statwein, that had a 3 piece band with a nice looking blonde German singer. This was my first experience with Conuac (Cone yak), Hell, I cant spell anymore! Ha  One time, I was going back to the base, and I was by myself, late at night, and the streets were dark, but I never felt an uneasiness about walking down a dark street on the sidewalk.  I always felt that the Germans still had this thing about Americans, that we were really not welcome in Germany or Zweibrucken, for that matter.  I don't know to this day what I was doing on that dark street, or where I had been.  All I knew at the time was that I had to get back to the hill. But my point being was that I was not scared, but, I guess I should have been a little scared.  I was usually with a couple of my buddies most of the time.

Walking back up the hill was a drag.  Especially if it had snowed that day.  I finally smarted up and bought an Opal Tannus, from an Airman who was shipping out. Anyway, these are some of my most vivid memories of Zweibrucken and the 6901st. I wonder what ever happened to the big "green door" that we had to go through to enter the Comm Center?

Happy New Year (2009) everyone.

Peyton "Tex" Conway  (1959-61) Crypto....Charlie Trick

Lecompte, Louisiana 71346



John wrote about the young vets.  Hey I was involved in the move to Zweibrucken from Landsberg.  Onthe bus that stopped on the trip so we could all get and take a leak.  I left Zwei in 1960 for a short stay in San Antonio and then on to Peshawa for two years, then back to Zwei for four more years.  I all but locked the door when I left for the I.G. Farben Bldg to set up the weather section there.  I went back down to Zwei to pick up my orders for Key West.

  I have two sons who have visited Zwei recently.  Rick (LtCol, Ret) and Jack.  Jack visited the Portofino and says it hasn't changed much.  Rick though said that the Kaserne has changed considerably.  He did run into his Geman teacher from when he was in school there and they shared some wonderful memories.

  In the addresses of John's e-mail I only recognized one name; Ron Shore.  I believe he worked for me in ELECT-3.  Would love to have his e-mail address if you have it.

  Again, remember us old (I'm 77) 01st vets.  John D Newton 



My name is Sandra Winkles.  I am the daughter of M/Sgt Warren A. Holbrook (deceased) who was stationed in Zweibrucken with the 6901st from approx Sept. 57 to June 60.  I attended 7th and 8th grade at Zwei elementary and 9th grade at Pirmasens Jr. High.  I am actually married to a "boy" I went to jr. high with in Pirmasens.  I have looked on several alumni sites for mention of my father and have not found anything, yet I remember very well how many airmen he brought home for holiday dinners with us.  I can still remember "Big Jim", "Little Jim", Blair Hoyt, Kataret (sp?), and another airmen whose name I cannot remember but who had a 1959 or 1960 Ford hardtop convertible (I can't remember if it was white or black - but I'll never forget watching him push a button and the top going up and down - wow - did it impress a 12 year old).  We were overseas from 1951 to 1960 - a long time - and I really did miss my extended family terribly.  We were in Darmstadt, Landsberg, Scotland (18 months) and then Zweibrucken.  Zweibrucken was the happiest of my childhood memories and I had some very good friends (wish I could find them now).  We went back to Germany in Oct. 2006 and made a special trip to Pirmasens and Zweibrucken - I was surprised how easily I found the kaserne and even our quarters  - good old bldg. 4212.  I even went into our quarters.  They are deserted but I was glad to see that the buildings are all being gutted and remodeled and many have been finished with new families living in them.  I found the movie theater easily, along with the gym, school, my dad's work building and the chapel (looks different) and snack bar and px (now part of the high school).  The track field and bleachers are exactly the same - I remember PE and field events and watching my boyfriend(s) play baseball there.  I actually was a cheerleader in the gym for the Zweibrucken Trojans.   When we left Sunny Zwei it was for Ft. Meade in MD (hated it there) and my father was at NSA - he retired from service in 1961 and then went back to work for NSA doing the same thing as a civilian he did as a M/Sgt - but I suspect for more money.  He took a medical retirement in 1973 and then spent 19 happy years going to the racetrack, the commissary, and doting on his grandchildren before he passed away in 1992.  He was a real character - originally from New Iberia, LA and never lost that cajun accent.  I have talked to one of the airman who worked for him, Blair Hoyt, and Blair remembers him fondly.  Could you post something about him or this letter - I'd love to hear from any who knew or remember him and share with my brothers and sisters.  Thank you, Sandra Winkles.  My email is 



I was on the other side of town at the Flugplatz. from 1962 till 1967 Your narrative brings back a lot of memories of Zweibrucken. I had quite a few american friends from KK, freddy taylor , Ryans, and Arnie Hills.  I was at a Rod and Gun club dance at the Caserne when Kennedy was killed.  I always remember the speed with which the dance hall emptied, and the grave change in atmosphere for the next few weeks around Germany.   We lived in
Contwig, on Fasaneriestrasse..  Was back for a visit in 1979 and what a change!  still keep in touch with my old landlord via email thru his daughter.  Your comments on my memorial web site would be much appreciated.  Mark was born in Zweibrucken at the 3wing
hospital.    http://www.isfeldbc.com

Brian Isfeld           http://www.isfeldbc.com
45 Mellifera Pl.
Courtenay BC
Canada  V9N 9L2

Forgot something in the first send---if you have trouble replying to me,
try briani12@hotmail.com

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Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 12:16 PM

Subject: Your Web Site

Ran across you web site while surfing today and I really enjoyed it and your memories which are very accurate. Looking forward to the completion of the site.
Here's my "numerical resume"
1963-1964......Skytop....Class   SCZ 9-12-63
1965-67......R-20351-E, 6915th S.G.,Hof.
Take care.....Chet Zaremba, Nanticoke,PA

Hi.. Great site.. Forwarded the info to a few of the guys whom I am still in contact with.  Hit "Sunny Zwei" on 3 June 61 and "Auf Wiedersehned" on 17 Sep 63.  As of 2001 the Jagerhof is now painted "pink"... (no comment), all of the barracks, Rod & Gun Club, Laundry, Bowling Alley, Theatre, Snack Bar, PX and the Army Chow Hall are history.  "Our" two buildings are still there... but are "empty."  Have pictures from some of the guys who visited in 1998 and last year. Memories don't fade very well of Zwei. Lots of good guys.  Saw on one site that according to the USAF the 6901st did "not exist."  Blow me down to "Papas" or to the "hof."  Worked in "Machines" behind the steel door. Dick Brun, Anaheim, CA   dickbrun99@aol.com


Just happened upon your site today.  I was a Radio Traffic Analysis (20270), in the 6901st Special Communications Group stationed in Landsberg Germany, arriving in April 1955.  After 18 months, we moved the 6901st to Zweibrucken. I was on the advanced party, going to Zweibrucken ahead of the move to help secure the buildings in which we would house operations.  It was very interesting to watch the agents from Russia follow us as the convoy moved along the German highways.  And just how close to our base they established a communications station.


This is John Newton and I kind of having a special feeling for the 01st.  I moved with it from Landsberg to Zweibrucken.

Then was one of the last one stationed  there when it closed down.  I had a year in the AFSCC and then two years in

Peshawar, Pakistan.  Did a term in Taiwan and a couple of years in Key West before retiring. 

Had many good times and made some very good friends. Have to mention Jack and Laurie Sweeney.  He was a sgt

at 3 Wing RCAF. We stayed very close until they passed away. 

and hurricanes or not, we love it here in Melbourne.

  Best wishes to all 01sters.  J

years; from 1956 to 1960 and from
1963 until 1967.  You might let anyone interested what my e-mail address it.

"john newton" <newtoncmjd@cfl.rr.com>








Ron Shore, 6901st right out of tech school in California. Dec. 1957 to Dec. 1960  Looking for anyone in the Elint. Department.  You know what it was if you were in it.



Richard H. Jewens (Pappy)
Born @ St. Joseph's Hos[ital, Baltimore, MD, 22 November 1935
Attended: PS 51 (Waverly School); Clifton Park Junior High and Baltimore
City College (3rd oldest public HS in US) I was a Mid Year grad in Feb
54.  Went to Bucknell Univ on a football scholarship and f;unked out
three semesters later.  Worked at various jobs till I was laid off from a
job with Proctor and Gamble in June of 56.  Joined the AF in Aug 56.
Went to Basic Training at Lackland in the 3702nd BMTS (Band Sqrn).
Assigned pipeline to 202 School @  6983RSM, March AFB, Riverside, CA,
Class 17126. Completed 2nd phase in June 57.  Assigned to 6922RGM Ashiya
AB Japan.  They began demobilizing the unit in 1958 by sending one
problem (ops and analysts) to the 6927 RSM, Onna Point ,Okinawa.  
Because of the different tour lengths between Jepan and Okinawa when my
DEROS came I still had 20 months left on a 4 year tour.  I put in for
Germany and although you were supposed to have 21 months on arrival I got
it.  Arrived in spring of 1959 and worked as a reported in COMA41 and
SAWD till I left for CONUS in Spring of 63.  While at sunny Zwei I was
Court Martialed, wrecked two VOLVOs amd reenlisted.  Even so I manage to
avoid being busted and after 137 days in Landstuhl Army Med Center only a
slight limp.  At Kelly AFB (Bldg 2000) I was assigned to the  AF Special
Communication Center (SCP-3).  Went to the NCO Academy At Goodfellow  AFB
in Fall of 63 Kennedy shot while there.  Got married in Jan 64 and we had
a daughter in Dec 65.  Assigned  Det 3 6994 Security Sqrn, Pleiku RVN Aug
66.  Reassigned in country to 6924 SS Danang AB RVN. Got a Purple Heart.
Back to Kelly and the AF Electromic Warfare Center Aug 67.  Reassigned
again in Sep 68 to the 6922SW Clark AFB, RP.  Held Various Jobs till
reassigned in June 73 to 6970 SW, Ft G G Meade, MD. Worked NSOC, and then
B1 till Aug 1976 when I was again reassigned to 6803SS Osan AB ROK.  Back
to FGGM (B3).  Got divorced Apr 78 Remarried Dec 78. Went to Sr NCOA
Gunter AFB Alabama Jan-Mar 79.  Back to B3. Retired 1 March 81. Attended
University of Baltimore and received my BA in Dec 81  Went to work for
ManTech Inc. Jan 82 in MD and Germany.  Resigned in 85 and went to work
for Martin Marietta in MD, VA, CO, TX, and Dayton, OH  Took early
retirement in 92.. Wemt to work on an Army Program.  Finally retire
retired in Apr 94 and moved to Laurel Delaware. Loving it.  Because of
the years sprent working for Uncle I get a decent pension and all my
medical bills paid.  Not for everyone but for me reenlisting in Germany
that first time was a wise decision.

Was wondering if anyone remembers my late father Sgt Robert E. Galli...58-63

Bob Galli 


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My name is Ken Borden and I was at "Sunny Zwei" from Oct 59 until Oct 62 completing my enlistment.  I began at Albany, NY  Oct 1958 and proceeded to Lackland AFB and the 3703rd BMTS.  Upon completion I then went to Goodfellow AFB, reporting 6940 Tec Tng Gp, 6941 Stu Rqn in Class #T-16029 16 Feb 59. I had a period of time I had to spend in the Dispensary  causing me to be set back to Class #T-02039B which began on 6Apr59 and turns into BT-16039 graduating 04Sep59.  ((How's that for military bull sh..t. 

Arriving in "Zwei" Oct59 I was eventually assigned to SECA  (Air OPS Transmission Security Ananysis Division)reporting to TSG Oren E. Cook, NCOIC Tfc Exploit, Capt. Charles R. Harrison, OIC Tfc. Expl. Branch & Capt. Dwight Smith, CMDR, HEDRONSEC.  I have not seen any of these personnel or other names of those in that Dept. on the personnel roster.  Sometime in 1961-62 I went over to R&R-2 (make room for Jack Steele, softball & basketball player. also Capt. Harrison played in the softball league I believe.  They played, Sembach,Ramstein,  some Army etc.)  At the time of the move we co-located with COMA and I had the pleasure of working with R. Jewens ("pappy") Dale Whitaker TSG, my NCOIC my  Trick OIC of Bravo Control Center Capt. Mittie R. Williams and lastly Capt. R.D. Oakley, OIC R&R-2.

The enclosed attachment is the one of a few I have with some friends.  the names, first, I'm the one on the right, to my right is Bernie Carroll, and Nina Chamberlain.  On the left side of the table is John DiPietro & Nevin Chamberlain all of these people were in SECA and we were presently in a beer tent during Oct season in Sunny Zwei.  Lastly, A/1c and myself A/2c used to travel to Saarbrucken after 4-12 shift in my Jeep which I managed to purchase through a raffle at Ramstein AB.  It was truly a great experience, except for my Art. 15, I would have gone for the isolated tour for a stripe and probably stayed in.  I eventually, went into the NYANG and was an AeroMedTech, went to the Gulf War flew C-130's, went to Korea, also C-130's ,C-141's & C-9's out of Scott AFB, Illinois retiring E-7 with 20yrs time.  That's it for now, will send in some more pic's as time permits, we travel fm Upstate NY to Fla and back.  Jim Fitzpatrick should check in along the way I'm sure, always look forward to checkin in. Ken Borden  Agnes and Ken Borden



S/SGT Walter D. O'Connor was stationed with the 6901st in Zweibrucken, Germany, 19-59-62. I He was a crypto - teletype repairman. was also there with him as his spouse. I could not find his name on the rosters, so would you please list it for me. Zweibrucken brings very fond memories to me. 

TSGT Walter D. O'Connor retired from the AF October 1969. In l956 he attended the AFSS school in San Antonio, and from them, his first assignment with the SS was with TUSLOG, Ankara, Turkey. He became a part of the 6901st SS, Zweibrucken, Germany, 1959. He was a crypto-teletype repairman. He was a member of the AFSS until his retirement.


He was a Korean and Viet Nam veteran. Walt was very proud of his service in the USAF. especially the Security Service. He passed away in November 1999 after  a courageous fight with bladder cancer. Both Walt and I, plus his cancer doctor, felt as though the cancer was caused by his extensive exposure to agent orange while serving in Viet Nam.


I did notice that SSGT Andrew Toth was listed, and he and his wife were some of our best friends during this time. Thank you, Lois A. O'Connor

Walt Connor

I was stationed at Zweibruken from Dec 1957 to Dec 1960 and was a member of the 6901st Spec Com Gp.  My name is Harold E. Lenhard and my rank was Airman 1st Class. Hlenhardsr@wmconnect.com

From: "Rob Sturgess" <rhsturg@comcast.net>
I was stationed with the 6901st from 1959-1962, Supp-13 (JDA/E) with the
 Air Force and returned as a NSA civilian in 1966 until moving to the I.G.
 Farben building in 1967.  Have many fond memories of the place and the
 people.  Thanks for maintained the website and found it very interesting.
  Returned there on vacation in 1999 and it was like a ghost town.

Alexander Ames 

I hit Zwei and 6901st in Nov '59; assigned to SUPP-11 as a 203 Russian.  Yes, the 24-bunk rooms were less than great, especially with two guys who often got into not very coherent conversations while sleeping. 

Going back uphill my first year always required rest stops; by the time I left, I could make it all the way full speed without stopping.  Great exercise!  Ushi's bar at the bottom of the hill was interesting.  It was the first time censored sitting on a bar stool * with Ushi.

We tried to get leave to go to Spain together, but were told too many gone at one time was not acceptable, so I stayed back.  The guys sent me two postcards (a la the Pogo cartoon):  card one read "message one - message two follows."  I never got that one.  Card two read "message two - ignore message one."  Got that one six months after it was sent.  Where were they?  Another friend always put a small piece of photo film under his stamps on letters home.  None were there when he got back home to check.

I recall the time we were beer-testing in the airman's club and ran out of money.  One guy (Gaspar 'Gus" Hinojosa) slipped his last dime in the slot machine, and we had enough to finish out the night.  Thanks, Gus!

Gus also got us out of trouble when we took a 3-day pass to Switzerland.  Four of us in a Renault with two blankets each, a tent and two cans of gas.   We chose to circumnavigate Lake Geneva, not knowing the southern half was in France.  The Algerian peace talks were taking place in France at the south end of the lake, and we were tracked with live machine guns.  When we entered France, the French thought we were smuggling gas (2 jerrycans), and came close to arresting us.  Gus saved us with his Spanish - even if Barrio Spanish was not quite Castilian.  The way I remember it, the customs officer was Basque.  Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!!

We went often to Ramstein, and I recall very much how the AF types complained about the Swedish meatballs on the menu.  Us Zwei types almost jumped them for complaining, since that meal was infinitely better than Zwei's mess hall. 

After many AF complaints, we got an AF MSGT as the chief cook, who cried the first time he saw our mess hall.  (So did we, but that was more often).

I recall returning the VW bus to the motor pool one night.  We were able to clearly hear the conversations (and Russian tapes) from the SUPP-11 workspace, because the windows were open.  Those were considered very sensitive.  But once in a while, the guys would borrow some tape to record music on.  Once, sitting in the barracks, we put a tape on to listen, and out of the speakers came:  "The Classification of this tape is TOP SECRET CODEWORD, repeat ... " and many dove towards the off button.

Ah well.  I 2T'd to 6989th in Wakkanai Japan in 1962 - and haven't seen any of the Zwei guys since.

* Alex Ames Zwei 1959-1962 6901st  alexandereames@netscape.net

Peyton "Tex" Conway sent me several e-mails containing
the 1957-1961 roster of people at the 01st. They
include the CO down to A3C's.

I did a bunch of cut 'n pastes, and sorted them down
to list by rank, then again by name. There are 2 sets
of the same data, each 14 .jpg images. They should
roughly equate to 8 X 11-inch pictures, or the size of
standard paper.

They're attached.
The items were prepared as .jpg (pictures), as
can look at pictures, but not everyone has same
ability to look at some formatted docs.

Think you can use them as-is, or do you need a
different format?

John Giere

More names to add to this list:

57 to 60 list.  Ron Shore, A2c.  Also Fred Sellers, A1c.  John Lovelady A2c, Lowery Sweat, A2c.  Terrence McCoy A2c.  Except for John Lovelady we were in the Electronic Intel. Div. 

Note ZAL, John D corrected to Zak, John D 

I was reviewing the web site & it looks very good.  A lot of the pictures brought back memories.

Minor correction: 

In the list of personnel 1958-1960 there is a listing for A/1C ZAL, JOHN D

I think that's supposed to be me since the other name doesn't ring any bells, except it was A/2C ZAK, JOHN D.  (formerly associated with COMM2B)

John D Zak









Richard H. Jewens Bio
Joined USAF 8 Aug 56
12 weeks of basic at Lackland AFB in 3702nd BMTS (Band Flt) (I played
baritone bugle in the BMTG Drum and Bugle Corps).
Tech School (202X0) 6987th RSM March AFB class 17126
Graduated June 57 and Assigned to
6922nd RGM Ashiya AB Japan Sep 57-May 58 (entire mission w/ operator and
analyst was moved to 6927th RSM Onna Point Annex Okinawa)
Went from Oki (May of 59) to 6901st SCG Zweibrucken Germany (Turenne
Kaserne) an Army Sub-Post of Pirmasen Post and home of the Park Brau
(brewery) with which we are lovingly familiar and to which we will always
be greatful.  Went to Switzerland on leave with Glen Atherton (Fm Barre
Vermont and John Newton from the Philly Mainline.  This was in my 1st
Volvo which I later totaled on Xmas day of 60 after dinner at Bruce
Lomison's (I was stone cold sober but had the heater turn on high and
fell asleep).  Spent the next 135 days in Landstuhl AMC and Weisbaden AF
Hospital.  Later driving Joe Belmore's (fm Lewiston Maine) 1950 Taunus
(which wouldn"t stay in gear) was arrested by town patrol for drunken
driving.  took a Summary Courts Martial rather than sign one of Country"s
Art 15's (he told me before I signed it that he was going to bust me to
A2C) I had just made A1C) He also told me that Col Fred A.V. Hartbrodt
had what amounted to a Zero tolerance policy for DUI (This after the Col
had rolled his Caddy w/ a shotzie in it in downtown Zwei)  The Court
found me guilty and fined me $66 and confined me to base for 30 days.
Two years later I totalled a second Volvo wityh Bill Anderson riding
shotgun and everafter we were "Crash and Crew".  Other Runners over those
years were Ray Schaefer from Red Hook ,NY Eldon Alt from WVa, Bill Berge
from Lake Ronkonkoma, NY.  Many fond memories of the Ramstein EM club,
driving to Paris on break, going to Copenhagen, Munich, and Amsterdam on
leave.  Also working with John Burns, Capt (later LC) Mittie R Williams,
Capt (laterBG) Ben Ardisana,  Lt (later Col) Ernie Short and Lt Jim West.
 Went TDY to England (SAC 7AD) just before and then durning the Cuban
Missle Crisis. Returned to CONUS in May of 63 assigned to AFSCC (SCP-3)
at Kelly.  Attended USAFSS NCO Academy at Goodbuddyin Nov/Dec 63. Married
Bill Berge's Sister Jan 64.  We had a Daughter in Dec 65. Assigned to Det
2 6994th SS Pleiku, RVN (Ernie Short was CO) in Jul 66 (Arr Sep)
reassigned to 6924 SS Dec 66 (Ben Ardisana was CO (COMA-4) and Henry
"Stretch" Stringer (COMA-7) was Ops Officer). returned to CONUS in August
67 assigned to AFSCC (AFEWC).  Reassigned to 6922 SW (Clark AFB, RP) in
Sep 68 as a TSgt S&W.  Made MSgt 1970.  Reassigned to 6970th SW (Ft
GGMeade (NSA)) Jul73 (A8 S&W) (later B1).  Reassigned to 6903rd SS (Osan
AB, ROK) Aug 76.   Reassigned to 6970th Aug 77 (B23).  Made SMS Dec77.
Divorced Apr 78.  Remarried Dec78. SNCO Academy Jan-Mar 79. Retired 1 Mar
81.  Graduated w/ BA fm UofBaltimore  Dec 8.  Went to work for ManTech
Inc in Jan 82. Switched to Martin Marietta Special Program Directorate in
85. took early retirement fm MM in 91.  Went to work for LOGICON in 91.
Itbecame SYTEC in 93. Fully retired  Apr 94.  Moved Fm Baltimore MD to
Laurel DE where we now reside (6689 Millcreek Rd. Laurel 19956 TEL 302
875 9496).  

Bobby R. Allen, N.C.

Bosco Arnett


George Bessler, MA., Deceased

George Britain, Alabama

CWO James Brittin

Don Bullock, OK.


Harry Carder, Ohio.,now lives in Florida

Samuel L. Carrier

Don Churchill, TX

John Cotton

Norman Current


Henry Davenport, TX., Deceased

James L. DiAugustino

Jim Doggett, LA.

William D. Drogemeier


Roy Edmondson, TX.

Thomas C. "Tom/Calhoun" Emerson, Plattsburgh, N.Y., now lives in TX.

Charles C. "Chuck" Etheridge, AL.


Harrell P. "Jose" Farrar, LA., now lives in TX.

Glen Ferguson, Deceased

Thomas B. Foulks, Deceased Oct. 1971.

Tom Fridel, Ohio

Harold Fritz, TX


Bruce Glazebrook, NC.

Don Gray, Deceased

Bruce Greathouse, FL, Deceased.

John Green, Ohio.

George Greenman


E.J. Hahn, Buffalo, N.Y.

Floyd Hartsfield, Hope, Arkansas, Deceased.

Lloyd Jackson, VA.

Arthur G. Jones, Jr.


Joe Keenan, Brooklyn, N.Y./MD., Deceased

Thomas E. Kennison, Virginia,deceased Feb. 17, 2005

Roscoe E. Kimmerling

Wayne Ketchenmaster

Joe Kulick, Maryland


George Lannin, MD.

Edward J. Larson

Glen Latham, FL.

Claude Laudeman

Lynn Lemons, TX.

Bill Lipham, MD.

Don Logsdon, OK., died in a hunting accident in 1987.

DeLos Lonstreth, IN.



Charles R. Madrid

Steve Manning, MD.

Don McCarrick, Deceased 1975/76.

Lloyd McKenzie, Wisconsin

Jake Miller, TX.

Carl Miliner, GA.

Claude Moore

Elmer Moore

Lynn "Red" Murray


Wayne Palmer

Martin T. Patrick

Allen Patterson

Bill Peters, LA., now lives in TX.

Bob Pilgrim


Emery G. "Butch" Rahrs, PA.

Floyd Reed, Waco, TX., MD., Deceased 2004

Bill Reeser, FL.

Arthur Richards, now lives in Huntsville, TX.

Lanny Roff, N.Y., now lives in MD

Jay Rotheim, Deceased

Harold E. Russell


Richard A. Saunders

Charlie Sawyer, LA.

Millard Schindler, Oregon

Don Schlaegel, N.Y., now lives in TX

Dale Sharp, VA.

Glen Smith, Baltimore, MD.

Paul Q. Smith

Tom Standifer, Tennessee

Tom Stateczny, TX.

Holton D. Summers, Illinois

Ray Swan, Mississippi

Billy Swindler


David Tony


Dean Welch

Charles D. Westfall

Oren K. Wilcox, Ohio, Deceased

Nebraska L. Wiley

Capt. Mittie Williams, LA

Capt. Joe Wortman, Nebraska, now lives in Florida


Paul A. Zavislak, Ohio


David, I gave up on trying to patch this into an e-mail file; I couldn't get it to scan from my scanner either so I just typed it.  ....................BCNU................."Jose"



The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
Mobile Trip 2001 001 Chuck Etheridge - 2001.

Mobile Trip 2001 002 (L-R) George Britain, Tom Emerson -2001.

Mobile Trip 2001 003 George Britain, (top L-R) Harrell Farrar, Tom Emerson, Chuck Etheridge - 2001.

Mobile Trip 2001 004 (L-R) George Britain, Tom Emerson, Chuck Etheridge - 2001.

Mobile Trip 2001 005 (L-R) Charles Sawyer & wife Charlotte, Tom Emerson - 2001.

Mobile Trip 2001 006 (L-R) Charles Sawyer, Tom Emerson, Harrell Farrar - 2001.

I can add a little information to the promotion list, but it may seem a little confusing. 


I arrived in Landsberg AFB September 1954 and was assigned to the 6910th Security Group.  I had already taken basic at Sampson AFB, Radio and Intercept school at Keesler AFB, and Radio Printing school at March AFB.  Four of the graduating flight from March Field were assigned to the 6910th in Landsberg.  We were all assigned to Radio Direction Finding.  In fact, we were the control station for all of Air Force Radio Direction Finding in Europe. Somewhere between September of 54 and September 56 our unit was assigned to the 6901st SPCOMMOGR if you look at the first paragraph, you will see that I made staff sergeant while being in the 6901st.  By this time, some of the units were moving to Zweibrucken.  I stayed behind. However, in  November 1956, my Father passed, and I went home on emergency leave.  I had to go to Zweibrucken to get travel orders and I am not sure, but I believe they were made out as if I belonged to the 6905th.  Anyway, having less than 30 day to do in my enlistment, it was decided to give me my discharge in Manhattan Beach. So, my DDS form 214 shows me as being discharged from the 6905th COMMRON. 


I have given TMI (too much information) but to this day, I cannot give you other than what I presume happened.


Anyway, I guess I can say with some confidence,  the list of promotions I sent you was the last one that was posted by the USAF at Landsberg. 


Good Luck


Al ( Nice and warm in Ocala) 


From: Al Picard


Subject: 6901st, 6905th, and 6910th

I live in Miami, Florida.
Here is my web site; http://www.tom-elliott-photography.com
I will look through my other photos of my time at Zweibrucken.
I was stationed there from 1957(58 ?) untill 1961. I had some time left over
and got transferred to McChord in Tacoma, Washington and out of the USAFSS.
Both places were great. Especially Tacoma for from Tacoma I went down to Los
Angles to go to The Art Center College of Design to major in advertising
photography, which I am still doing in addtion to personal fine art
photography and video.
Are there any others in the Miami area? If so give them the link above,
which has addtional info on me.
The 6901st site looks good. Keep up the good work
Tom Elliott
(Known as Tom Stadler. I was adopted during my last assignment in Tacoma)
Here are pictures from Charles Butler 1958-1961

Another winter day in Zwei 1959
Main drag 1959
Hill towards Ops Building 1958. Steps were added around 1960.

A/1C Chuck Butler, A/2C Dave Doherty, Brigitte one of the Hillbilly bar's finest, 
A/2C Bill Wagner 1959
A/1C Charlie Butler and A/1C C>J> Fuggie Fisher 1959
Cith Hall Zwei 1958

Good housekeeping award in Supp 41 barracks, I doubt it.
Looking toward downtown Zweibrucken 1960
With shift work, 24/7 card game in Supp 41 barracks.