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Vigilance During the Cold War

This site is dedicated to all those who served kept the watch against the evil Empire, 
in the 6901st.  And all Veterans who ever served. 








tuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl,Germany . OUR WOUNDED WARRIORS have 
increased within the past month and need support at the first stop they all make in 
at Lands  and it's a top notch trauma center that triages and helps the 
wounded before they are sent when stable enough back to the USA or back to the field.


As I was browsing through the organization list at HYPERLINK 
I didn't see Det. 1, 6927th RSM there. I don't know the history of the
 unit but it was at Kadena AB, Okinawa until we loaded up the airplanes
 and moved to Yokota AB, Japan, in 1963, where we became 
Det. 1, 6988th RSM. This was an airborne unit consisting mainly of 203s 
(MB), of which I was one, but there were also a few Russian, Korean, 
and Vietnamese linguists aboard, depending on the mission. 
If I remember correctly, upon occasion, we sometimes had 
TDY individuals for other languages as well.

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        Thanks for maintaining a nice site where we can take a nostalgic 
cruise once in awhile.


Ron Stockton
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