Landsburg Germany

Air Base


Landsburg Germany

Road from Base

Ed Watts & Jake Waller

Barracks Landsberg


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Landsberg 1955

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Landsberg 1955

3rd From Left Bill Foreman 5th from left McKenzie

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Landsberg 1955

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Landsberg 1955

Moriarty- McKenzie

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Landsberg 1955


Alvin Pollard  Don Levesque Harry Buddle 1956



Good Food Great Living Conditions too bad some of us had to leave

Looks like a 1955 Chevy across the strasa?


I Know some of you will never forget this scene

This Was the best of the bases


Oh, Oh, here comes the Honey wagon!

Francis Jankowski



Gabe Gavin

Gabe where has time gone?

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