Dear 6901st  Member or Visitor,

     I would first like to thank you for checking into our site.  We hope you find it informative and helpful and I personally hope that if you are a 6901st  Veteran that you will come on board and become a member, as numbers are strength. 

     Not long ago a person asked me, "So what exactly do you do as a Chaplain?"  This was a very direct and pointed question.  I tried to share a very direct and pointed answer.  I minister.  But that would not really explain the real functions.  

     Recently I have had the wonderful experience of sending a prayer through the e-mail to a former friend from the 6901st who was struggling with his faith.  I was able to share the Love of Christ with him and it led him to focus on the Scriptures and become evolved in his church.   

     Not long ago, I wrote to another lady,  who lost her brother a former 6901st and had recently lost her friend and daughter. I   offered some comforting Bible verses concerning an issue she was dealing with.

     About now you might be saying to yourself, "Well, that sounds alot like what a military or hospital chaplain might do."  I would say, you are absolutely right.  That is exactly what I am  here for.  I want to encourage you, I want to share scripture with you, and I want to help you in your prayers, or offer spiritual advice.  Do I do other things?  Sure, but this is the main reason I am  are here for you. 

      Feel free to contact me that way if it is something private, and as with every Chaplain or Pastor, your e-mail will remain confidential to only me.   

I will be posting some need of prayers you may want to share with others and also other material that I will offer for spiritual needs on this site.


     Dr. Donald R. Levesque D.min; .